12 Aug 2012

The House By The Lake - Part Two

The House by the Lake – Part Two

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This is the second instalment in the Couples Retreat Collection about Greta and Jack Wilkinson.  The story about what they get up to at their holiday home by the lake continues.

Discover the erotic sex toys that Jack has brought to the lake house to use on his beautiful wife as they explore their sexuality further and push each other to the limit. 

This short story contains 10,000 words.


4 Aug 2012

The House by the Lake - New Erotica Book For Sale

The House by the Lake – Couples Retreat Part One

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Greta and Jack Wilkinson have the perfect marriage. They have been blissfully happy for nine years and are the envy of their friends.

They all want to know “What is the secret to a happy marriage?”

For the Wilkinson’s, the answer lies in their yearly vacation to the House by the Lake.

This is the time and the place where they can truly relax and explore their sexuality and erotic urges to the limit. Each day introduces a different sexual activity, forcing this husband and wife further out of their comfort zone.

Discover just how far this loving couple are willing to push each other during their sexually charged week long vacation.

The House by the Lake is a gentle introduction to the Wilkinson’s and their love making. Each episode will get slightly raunchier and a little bit darker.

This is a short story and contains 6,000 words and there is a bonus story included.

21 Jun 2012

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